Drop It: Droplr on Windows Phone

For those of you on Windows Phone, our Windows developer extraordinaire, Pedro Gandola has some good news: It’s a Droplr client for Windows Phone called drop it.

In addition to a lovely Windows Phone interface, drop it comes with all the features you’d expect in a mobile Droplr client and a bit more.

If you have a Windows Phone, do yourself a favor and grab drop it now. At $1.49 it’s a bargain.

Link: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/drop-it/a96356e0-9be9-45e8-9305-336970a2d798

Note: Drop It is not an official Droplr client. Please direct all Drop It support requests to Pedro Gandola.

The best way to send big files in Outlook.

Ariel and Eric. William and Catherine. We’ve found the next dreamy couple: Email and Droplr.

The email attachment was invented in 1992 and yet still remains the defacto way that people are sharing sensative files around the workplace. Droplr’s file sharing model revolutionized the way people can share files, and now we’re making it even easier. Why is using Droplr instead of email attachments so great? Consider this:

  1. Send big files with ease. We all know what a pain it can be to send large files over email. Caught yourself splitting up PDFs into multiple pages lately? No more. Droplr let’s you send files up to 2GB in size with just one click.

  2. Reducing storage costs and network problems. Because email attachments are stored on every inbox they’re sent to, as well as outboxes, large attachments create a myriad of problems and costs for IT departments everywhere. Droplr solves this by allowing people to send a simple link to the file instead of the file itself which eliminates redundant storage.

  3. Enhanced control. Sending email attachments has always felt like pushing a big red scary button. Did I sent the right file? Did I just send sensative information to the wrong person? Droplr allows people to have complete control over their shared files, including the ability to delete files or change passwords, even after you’ve sent it.

  4. Better transparency. Ever sent a file to someone and wondered if they ever got it? Did the message land in their junk box? Did the attachment get blocked? With Droplr, you can know exactly when someone’s viewed your file and how many times it’s been downloaded.

With all the benefits of using Droplr instead of email attachments, we’re excited today to be announcing our plugin for Microsoft Outlook. The Outlook plugin will automatically convert any files you attach in a new message to Droplr links before it sends the message out. It’ll make you, and just about everyone you send emails to, so happy that you might just take the rest of the day off. Go ahead.

Before you do, download the latest version of Droplr for Windows which includes the Outlook plugin.

"Droplr for Outlook is just about the best thing ever." - Outlook user

We’ll be announcing more cool ways to use Droplr with other email providers soon so you should follow us on Twitter or here on our blog.

30% off Droplr — Only 1 day left.

Last week we announced that Droplr was moving to a paid-only model and that any current customers would qualify for a 30% lifetime discount if they upgraded in the next 7 days. There’s only 1 day left to quality for this discount.

To receive your discount, you must activate your subscription by entering your billing information in and saving. We’ll immediately begin your subscription and lock your discount in for life.

You can do that here.

Also, be sure to check out the details of our new referral program that lets you get a Droplr subscription for 100% FREE!

A couple of FAQ:

  1. If I buy Lite/Pro now, will I be able to switch between them later and retain my discount? Yes! If you buy a plan now, we’ll lock your discount in for life and you’ll have the ability to move between Lite and Pro as well as move between monthly and yearly billing and stil retain your discount. As a reminder, if you purchase a yearly subscription, we give you an additional two months free.

  2. How do I cancel/delete my account? If you currently have a paid subscription and simply want to cancel it, you can do that here. This will simply disable your account so that you can come back later. If you would like to delete your account and all data associated with it, you can do that here.

  3. Is there a way to export all my data? Currently no we do not offer a way to bulk download all your drops. Droplr has always been focused on being a sharing solution, not a storage or syncing solution and we do not recommend using Droplr as a place to store the only copy of your files.

Any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you with any feedback. Also, be sure to follow our blog for some exciting new announcements in the coming weeks.

Thanks again,

The Droplr Team

Custom branding — add your own logo to Droplr

As part of the releases this week, we’ve made the ability for Droplr Pro and Droplr for Business customers to use their own custom logo on all their drop pages.

We’ve recognized that especially in a business context, it’s important for your brand to be the hero of everything you share with clients, co-workers, and customers — not ours.

Custom branding has been a part of our Business offering since we built it, but we’ve also received the request from many of our individual users who’d like to promote themselves, their company, or their product when they share files. So today, custom branding is now available with Droplr Pro as well.

This further ads to Droplr’s customization features like using a custom domain name and changing your theme, allowing everyone to have their own personalized file sharing experience.

For Droplr Pro customers, if you’d like to add your own logo, you can now do that on your settings page here.

If you’re a Droplr Lite user and would like this feature, you can upgrade your plan on your billing page.

Pro-tip, if you’d like a more minimal share page, try using a 1px transparent PNG for no branding at all.

Droplr for Business

We’ve had overwhelming feedback from our customers that Droplr is the best way to get files, screenshots and more from point A to point B within the workplace. To better service the thousands of teams and businesses that rely on Droplr every day, we are releasing Droplr for Business, available immediately.

Droplr for Business brings all the great features that you know and love with the addition of some great team-level features:

  • Customization options that apply to your whole team. Set up a custom domain, add your logo, and modify your theme and all your team users will share this setting.

  • Centralized billing. No longer require your team to expense their Pro account every month.

  • Team administration. Retain complete control of what and when your team is sharing. Invite new users to your team, disable or delete them when they leave, etc…

Droplr for Business is the same great price of Droplr Pro, $9.99/user/month or $99.99/user/year. You can signup for Droplr for Business from our homepage. Current customers will be able to convert their existing accounts into Business accounts by contacting us. We’ll have automated account conversion available on the billing page soon.

Droplr for Mac 4.0.2 update

Quick update to the new Droplr for Mac. This update includes a few minor fixes including:

  • Addresses an issue in which Keychain was requesting access over and over.
  • Fixes a number of crashes
  • Fixed a bug with requesting Twitter access
  • Fixed an interface issue when using more than one monitor

Download here.

For people using the non-Mac App Store version, this should be pushed out as an update on Sparkle today.

We’re still working on submitting a version to the Mac App Store in the next week or so. For now, we recommend everyone using the standalone version.

New Referral Program - Get Droplr for FREE

As part of our announcement today that Droplr is going paid-only with new plans and pricing, we’re also announcing a new referral program.

In the past, we offered users more storage space for referring others to join Droplr. This didn’t make much sense as the average user didn’t have a lot of need for more space. Additionally, Pro users, who already received an upgraded storage amount, received even less benefit.

We really wanted to find a way to encourage our customers to tell their friends, family, and co-workers about Droplr.

So, today, we’re transitioning our incentive program to award bonuses based on a discount to a Droplr subscription instead of adding additional storage space (all the new plans are unlimited space).

For every person you invite, we’ll reward you with a 10% off coupon. That means that if you invite 10 people who sign up for Droplr, you’ll earn Droplr for free for life! Additionally, every person that signs up through your referral will also receive an immediate 10% off their subscription.

If you’ve already done any referrals to receive extra space on your account, you’ll receive credit for those and your subscription price will automatically be updated to reflect the discount.

Droplr goes paid-only with new plans & pricing

We want all of our users to get the most out of Droplr without limits and restrictions. Starting this week, we’ll be moving to a paid-only model complemented with a 30 day free trial of the service. This means that we’ll be offering our Pro account features to everyone who signs up for the service, so they can experience the full power of Droplr from day one.

There will be two plans available, Droplr Lite and Droplr Pro. Each plan will include unlimited storage, unlimited uploads, and a current file size limit of 2GB although we plan to dramatically increase that in the near future.

Droplr Pro will offer additional features over Droplr Lite including:

  • Enhanced security options (password-protected Drops and longer, more-secure links)
  • Customization options including: custom branding, themes, custom urls for all drops
  • Embedding images
  • Advanced analytics around anything you share

Droplr Lite will start at $4.99 per month, and Droplr Pro, which adds security, customization and embedding options, will start at $9.99 per month. Both plans will also include an annual payment option that offers 2 months for free. Any current Droplr customers are eligable for a 30% discount if they upgrade in the next 7 days. You can learn more and upgrade your account by visiting droplr.com/billing

Droplr for Mac 4

Today we’re excited to announce the next evolution of our Mac app, Droplr for Mac 4.

Download here

New with this release:

  • Completely redesigned interface
  • Quicker access to taking actions on previous drops
  • Inline Drop title editing from menu
  • New window that let’s you browse/filter/search through previous drops
  • Support for new Droplr Plans
  • Quick-access upload menu (right-click menu bar icon)
  • Droplr Draw enabled for all users
  • Seperate customizable keyboard shortcut for Droplr Draw
  • Optional dock icon with drag/drop support
  • New onboarding experience
  • Speed enhancements
  • New plugins for Adobe Illustrator, TextWrangler, IAWriter, & TextEdit

Bug Fixes - Fixed drag/drop from browsers - Improvements to screenshot handling - Crash fixes

Droplr for Mac 4 is available now. Download it here. Requires Mac OS 10.8 or newer. A Mac App Store version will be coming in the following weeks.

Changes coming to your Droplr account

Droplr began as an idea between two geeks who wanted an easy way to share files with each other. So we set aside some weekends and evenings and built an app that could do just that. Over the last few years what began as a simple free Mac App, has grown into a great company dedicated to creating the best possible way to share files.

As a Droplr user you’ve been a part of that journey. We can’t thank you enough.

Next week we will release some exciting new features to Droplr that we’ve been working on for a long time and that many of you have been asking us for. At that time, we will be discontinuing our free accounts. All current free accounts and new sign ups will be placed on a 30-day trial. At the end of 30 days, you’ll be asked to pay for a Droplr subscription if you’d like to continue using it. If you don’t want to pay, you won’t be able to upload any more files, but none of your existing data will be deleted, and all of your links will continue to work.

As a special thank you for being a Droplr user we are also going to offer you a 30% lifetime discount on any of our paid plans. We’ll have 2 plans to choose from, Droplr Lite and Droplr Pro. Additionally, we’ll be announcing a new referral program where you can earn Droplr Pro for free.

For those of you using this at work with your teams, we’ll also be announcing new business-level plans. We’ll be sharing more about all this in a following email in a few days.

We’re incredibly excited about our future. We’re extremely grateful to you for being a part of Droplr’s success. We hope that you’ll join us as we continue to build the future of file sharing.


Josh & Levi, Droplr Co-Founders